Application No: PA2011338
Planner: Bronwyn Southee
Application Description: Use and Development of the Land for a Landfill, Production of Soil and Soil Products (including Composting) and Works Associated with those Uses; Use and Development of the Land for the Purpose of Materials Recycling (Metals and Construction and Demolition Waste); and Construction of a Treatment Plant for Leachate Management
Applicant Details: Consultants, Contour
Address(s): Maddingley Brown Coal, 11 Tilleys Road
Maddingley VIC 3340

Application/Amendment Documents

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Date UploadedCommentsDocument URL
18/11/2014Planning PermitView Document
04/12/2015Condition 1 PlansView Document
04/12/2015Condition 7 PlansView Document
04/12/2015Condition 25 PlansView Document
13/01/2017Amended PermitView Document
10/10/2018Section 173 Agreement View Document
10/10/2018Caveat R356190AView Document
10/10/2018Caveat R356191WView Document
10/10/2018Amendment details - Waste facilityView Document
10/10/2018Odour Impact AssessmentView Document
10/10/2018 Application Form- Planning PermitView Document
10/10/2018Part 1 of 2View Document
10/10/2018Part 2 of 2View Document
10/10/2018Traffic Impact Assessment.View Document
10/10/2018Work Location PlanView Document

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